REgional Overview

This report summarizes the data collected for MetroWest Impact.
Highlights include:

  • Regional assets include a thriving high-tech sector,  an extremely well-educated workforce, growing diversity and wealth.
  • But residents face increasing pressures to live comfortably, such as a lack of affordable housing and racial/ethnic disparities in a number of areas, including in rates of education and higher-income employment.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has had clear impacts on things such as the unemployment rate and rate of student absenteeism. Whether these are simply short-term spikes or indicative of longer-term trends remains to be seen.
  • Many regional trends mirror the nation, including short-term pandemic effects, racial disparities and the opioid drug epidemic.



Summary of Stakeholder Perspectives

This report details input from regional stakeholders provided through focus groups, interviews and a community survey.
People told us:

  • Residents are engaged and compassionate, with a strong sense of local community.
  • Overall affluence in the region can obscure local needs and challenged populations, including immigrants.
  • The region needs a strong sense of its identity, and more collaboration across sectors.