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Crimes Against People


Crimes Against People

What does this measure?

The number of reported crimes against people, per 1,000 residents. Murder, kidnapping/abduction, forcible and statutory rape, aggravated and sexual assault, and intimidation/stalking are included in this measure.

Why is this important?

Crime detracts from the quality of life of those who directly experience and witness it, but it also impacts the lives of others within the community, as well as housing stability, and a community's attractiveness as a place to live, work, and do business.

How is our region doing?

The rate of reported crimes against people in MetroWest was 7.3 per 1,000 residents in 2018, a bit lower than the statewide rate of 9.1. Both the regional and statewide rates have declined about 15% since 2012. Among the region's counties, the rate was highest in Worcester (10.5 per 1,000) compared to Middlesex and Norfolk (around 6).

Rates in 2018 were below 5 in roughly two-thirds of the region's communities. They were highest in Marlborough (13), Milford (11), Bellingham and Walpole (both around 7) and lowest in Wayland, Lexington and Weston (1 or below). Framingham (8.5) and Waltham (7.3) were on the higher end of the spectrum, while Natick was a bit lower (5.6) by comparison.

Notes about the data

Crime reports are never complete because some crimes, such as rape and assault, are believed to be underreported. Comparable national data was not available. Data for this indicator is expected to be released annually in July.

Crimes Against People
Acton town, Middlesex County3.
Ashland town, Middlesex County7.
Bedford town, Middlesex County1.
Bellingham town, Norfolk County8.
Boxborough town, Middlesex County4.
Carlisle town, Middlesex County0.
Concord town, Middlesex County4.
Dedham town, Norfolk County5.
Dover town, Norfolk County3.
Framingham city, Middlesex County0.
Franklin town, Norfolk County2.
Groton town, Middlesex County1.
Harvard town, Worcester County1.
Holliston town, Middlesex County2.
Hopkinton town, Middlesex County1.
Hudson town, Middlesex County13.812.310.
Lexington town, Middlesex County1.
Lincoln town, Middlesex County2.
Littleton town, Middlesex County8.
Marlborough city, Middlesex County16.118.118.415.214.114.612.912.213.512.9
Maynard town, Middlesex County7.812.812.
Medfield town, Norfolk County1.
Medway town, Norfolk County2.
Milford town, Worcester County7.310.511.610.
Millis town, Norfolk County0.
Natick town, Middlesex County8.
Needham town, Norfolk County1.
Sherborn town, Middlesex County3.
Southborough town, Worcester County1.
Stow town, Middlesex County2.
Sudbury town, Middlesex County1.
Walpole town, Norfolk County7.
Waltham city, Middlesex County7.610.611.
Wayland town, Middlesex County0.
Wellesley town, Norfolk County3.
Westborough town, Worcester County7.
Westford town, Middlesex County3.
Weston town, Middlesex County2.
Westwood town, Norfolk County7.

Source: Massachusetts State Police
Notes: Rates are per 1,000 residents.

Number of Crimes Against People
Acton town, Middlesex County649487888799111110110108
Ashland town, Middlesex County116121101818594100907172
Bedford town, Middlesex County19242122192011122317
Bellingham town, Norfolk County135127125127109138141153144112
Boxborough town, Middlesex County22232211241515203325
Carlisle town, Middlesex County433216689
Concord town, Middlesex County74736776895250825463
Dedham town, Norfolk County1271559568717053544353
Dover town, Norfolk County2211151410137986
Framingham city, Middlesex County21264372450423599626600602
Franklin town, Norfolk County698966585446436785110
Groton town, Middlesex County126723382329202222
Harvard town, Worcester County11171214202016221717
Holliston town, Middlesex County37523240332437362733
Hopkinton town, Middlesex County21303540242434295035
Hudson town, Middlesex County2752341942051667967785698
Lexington town, Middlesex County30312822272038332639
Lincoln town, Middlesex County23272621162315162324
Littleton town, Middlesex County73575542364459534446
Marlborough city, Middlesex County619698715597555577512486538515
Maynard town, Middlesex County8312912510297761101046961
Medfield town, Norfolk County233625414518
Medway town, Norfolk County32273936182020272347
Milford town, Worcester County201295325300261238276275273319
Millis town, Norfolk County14107
Natick town, Middlesex County283243201264188218188206189202
Needham town, Norfolk County42494639454966525271
Sherborn town, Middlesex County159181913261881316
Southborough town, Worcester County1053771030292731
Stow town, Middlesex County13242519312436422420
Sudbury town, Middlesex County28353325232322214070
Walpole town, Norfolk County177196155143170159168218224187
Waltham city, Middlesex County461643687633629573552469434461
Wayland town, Middlesex County7648661321
Wellesley town, Norfolk County91836263656156483747
Westborough town, Worcester County1411059286811027310599115
Westford town, Middlesex County741006863776241573646
Weston town, Middlesex County3523161525189201618
Westwood town, Norfolk County10110162104858267915243

Source: Massachusetts State Police

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