Impact MetroWest in Action - One Family, Inc.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

Zoey Bergstrom from One Family, Inc is a fan of Impact MetroWest (IMW), and commented that she loves the data, loves the tool, and finds the categories of data indicators logical and helpful.

One Family has primarily used IMW for grant writing. They also found it to be a great resource for some of their statewide applications, thanks to the statewide comparison data. IMW was also helpful during One Family’s strategic planning process. The organization was able to refine benchmarks around programmatic goals and outcomes by race/ethnicity for regional programming specific to MetroWest. This will help them better target and address the needs of clients specific to our region.

The graphs and descriptors about the data in IMW along with the notes have been helpful to One Family. They have used the information from the graphs to guide the language in grant applications and in reports.

One Family has used the education, economy and workforce, and financial security data indicators most frequently, but there are many more—nearly 60! The following are some of the key data indicators in IMW: Children & Families, Community Life, Demographics & Diversity, Economy & Workforce, Education, Financial Security, and Racial Equity.

Explore the Impact MetroWest interactive website at and see for yourself all that it offers! We look forward to discussing how you can utilize the data to help further your objectives. Contact Caroline Murphy, Director of Programs at