Boston Globe Article Features Impact MetroWest Refreshed Website Highlighting Importance to Community
Thursday, September 1st, 2022

The Foundation for MetroWest is excited to announce that the Boston Globe featured an article on September 1 promoting our recently refreshed interactive data indicators website, Impact MetroWest. This is further validation of the importance of being a data driven organization that strategically responds to the needs of the community.

We first launched Impact MetroWest in January of 2020. For those who aren’t familiar with it, this is an initiative of the Foundation that provides nearly 60 data points to help inform critical decision making. We are pleased to let you know that this data has been refreshed on the site, which is available to all at no cost.

This data indicators website, with analysis built in so that anyone can clearly understand what the data is telling us, is a resource and gift to our community: to our nonprofit partners so they can use the data to better tell their story to achieve their mission, for our corporate and individual donors who want to learn about the needs of our community and more effectively direct their philanthropy, for our municipalities and so many others to help identify the strengths and challenges.

At the Foundation we analyze what the data is telling us and what we are hearing through conversations with our stakeholders, to help us identify where we should dedicate our resources and our time. This analytical approach has served us well and recently has also led us to take action around a few key issues that have risen to the surface.

One new initiative that is a direct result of the Impact MetroWest data is our Action Projects–Workforce Development and Equity in Education, and you will hear more about these in the coming months. We have identified some priority needs and are identifying community-wide efforts to address these needs. We are translating the data into action for each project and are taking our role as a community foundation to another level—and hope you will join us as we continue to identify the needs and take action.

We encourage you to explore the Impact MetroWest website and the data and all it can do for you. Learn more about Impact MetroWest in our press release. If you have questions about how Impact MetroWest can be beneficial to you, contact Caroline Murphy, Director of Programs at